Plan the run, run the plan, and this plan started many months ago, if not years ago.

After a horrible December and weeks of illness, i had to build again.

I had got in to UTMB CCC which is in September, a 100k mountain ultra marathon race, this meant I had 9 months to prepare.

I needed to hit a number of targets for this and it started with base building in January and February. March onwards I got a coach and had a monthly plan for March and April and booked in a step up race to test out where i'm at and to test my gear and equipment.

What is this all about then? Well, since we're trying to reduce our environmental footprint, we thought we would continue to learn more about our impact on the planet and the environment during our filming jobs and see what our environmental impact is during a single event.

There are plenty of stats, some worrying research and personal observations, yes it does get a little personal, we believe it has to if you really want to see change and we hope you can take something positive from this article.

In April of 2021 I had been asked to film Red Trouser Runners run around Wales, a simple plan, run around Wales in about 22 days and filming the events as they unfolded. The film is embedded below if you would like to watch this in the background whilst you read through this autopsy of my filming learnings.

As a lot more time may be on your hands due to current circumstances, we'd thought it would be a good idea to share our 50 best ultra marathon films to watch.

A lot of these mountain short stories, ultra marathon films and documentaries are inspiration for our own films at Kelp and Fern.

Some of these creators inspired our first two ultra marathon films, The Pen Llyn Ultra Marathon Film where we documented the entire 29 hours of the amazing ultra marathon race held in North West Wales on the Llyn Peninsula.