Group Trail and Mountain Running Personal Photoshoot with You & Friends in Wales

A Group Trail and Mountain Running Personal Photoshoot with You & Friends in Wales

Would you love some keepsakes of your favourite hobby and love to have a professional photo shoot of you doing what you love in a location that you love?

Whether on a coastal trail, in an ancient woodland or a mountain top, we can be there to capture you and your friends and create some lasting memories.

With over 15+ years of landscape photography experience, 10 years outdoor sports photography and a lifetime in the mountains around the UK, we're sure we can capture those once in a lifetime moments with you and your friends.

How Does It Work

Send us an email using the form below to arrange a booking, we'll talk through locations and when you are interested in arranging it for. 

With the group booking, you and up to 3 other runners will have the opportunity to have professional photos taken whilst in a spot of their choosing.

Choose your location within Wales, email for location ideas and we can travel outside of Wales too.

Get up-to three other running friends together and arrange a date.

Once purchased you can redeem the gift voucher for the group photo shoot within 12 months.

What Do You Get

You will get a number of digital shots from your adventure that you can print and frame to put in your home or office and even share on your social media platforms or save as wallpapers on your phone and computers.

We aim to get at least one close-up action shot of you in the landscape and one photo of you running within the landscape (further away) that you absolutely love!

But there will be many hundreds of photos taken during the booking of you enjoying your run that you will be given after the day.


Group Photography Session Starts at £160, depending on location there is a £10 per hour driving fee on top.

Send us an email below to arrange!